Latest Release: Jan. 18, 2019

Exodus wraps solid engineering inside beautiful design. We poured our hearts into every detail, from pixel-perfect icons to subtle sounds, making a blockchain asset experience that just works for everyone.

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New Assets

Every two weeks a new version of Exodus takes center stage. Whether the release includes new assets, design updates or less obvious bug squashes and security improvements, you can be sure this latest version is optimized to give you a smoother experience and greater control of your wealth.

Version 19.1.18 brings with it improved wallet performance on slower computers, spell-check when inputting your 12 word phrase, updated asset descriptions, and a bevy of bug fixes to ensure your Exodus experience remains as fluid as ever. Check out our release notes below for more details on the newest version!

All Extended Release Notes

Exodus has been updated every two weeks since 2015.

The next release will be available Jan. 31, 2019 @ 10PM PT (-0800).

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Version History

Jan 18, 2019


Restoring with your 12-word phrase from the Exodus login window used to restart Exodus before the 12 words could be entered. Exodus no longer requires a restart, saving you precious seconds which could be better spent deciding which new asset you will add to your portfolio.

Typos happen but this shouldn’t prevent you from accessing your funds! When restoring a wallet from your 12-word phrase, Exodus will spell-check your words and offer suggestions. Another time saving enhancement which also brings relief to those of us who don’t remember: “i before e except after c.”

Have a slow computer? Fear not! Our developers deployed some wizardry and Exodus now performs better on slower computers. I notice a time theme emerging ;)

A pesky bug was messing with the way UTXO selections were sorted. While this bug flew under the radar and did not affect wallet performance, a helpful customer brought it to our attention and it is now fixed. Thank you wonderful customers for continually holding us accountable and making Exodus better!


Gemini Dollar (GUSD) has been added as an Ethereum asset for safe an easy storage.

You’ll notice we modified a couple of asset names. They are still the same assets, we’ve just decided to call them by their full names. There’s nothing wrong with nicknames! However, we just wanted to make sure those unfamiliar with these assets receive a proper and formal introduction.

"ETH Classic" has been renamed "Ethereum Classic"

"BAT" has been renamed "Basic Attention Token"


The asset descriptions in the Settings section have been updated to give Exodus users the sweet and savory details on their purpose and function. As usual, you’ll still find links to get even more detailed information on the blockchain assets Exodus supports.

That’s it for this week’s release! We’ll be back like clockwork in 2 weeks with a new version of Exodus.

Jan 5, 2019


A few Windows users reported excessive CPU usage after Exodus was quit. Although it did not happen everywhere we were able to track down this problem quickly and put safety checks in place to stop this from happening. You can now quit Exodus and not have to worry about any more runaway CPU issues.


TrueUSD recently changed a contract address. We changed contract addresses in the previous update but found a few exchanges using TrueUSD to occasionally not start. We added more safeguards to make sure all TrueUSD exchanges are back to normal.

Jan 4, 2019


TUSD has changed their contract address, and our wallet reflects this now.

Jan 3, 2019


In the spirit of our brand update, the login screen has an elegant new design.

Minor styling adjustments were made to the 12-words display when printed from the wallet.


Transactions are now grouped by date, making for a cleaner look and an easier browsing experience.

You can now send and receive USD Coin (USDC). To add it to your portfolio, visit the Settings section and then click Assets.


If an exchange fails to initiate, a new auto-upgrade button will appear to lead you to the latest release. Hopefully you never see this, but we like to cover all our bases ;)

Dec 26, 2018


Fixed ChangeNOW skin.


Updated Substratum (SUB) contract address.

Dec 24, 2018


Fixed bug when Exodus starts up with the window maximized.

Dec 20, 2018


Exodus now remembers if your wallet was previously maximized (Windows and Linux users only).


It is now possible to hide EOS spam transactions. The option can be found in the EOS advanced drawer.

Monaco (MCO) has been rebranded to


The Skins section has been redesigned.


You can now export all of your transactions in a single CSV file from the Developer Menu.

Dec 6, 2018


For all the keyboard navigation lovers out there, you can now use your keyboard to navigate the drop-downs in the exchange section.


Updated design of assets list items as well as new navigational elements.

Added the ability to turn on/off all assets with one click.

Added the ability to filter visibility of assets by enabled, disabled or balance. This makes it much easier to get the right mix of assets enabled for your portfolio.

It is now possible to disable ICON (ICX) even when a balance exists. Since the regular ICX token swap has ended, ERC20 ICON tokens are now frozen.


EOS is no longer automatically unstaked when an account is created. Clicking “Optimize my EOS Account Now” in the advanced section of the EOS wallet sets the stake to 1.96 EOS CPU and 0.04 EOS NET.

Exporting EOS transactions through the developer menu has been enabled.

If the 12-word phrase is entered in the incorrect order when restoring, Exodus will attempt to correct the order automatically.

Dec 1, 2018


Fixed a display issue causing part of the backup phrase to be clipped when being reviewed.


The correct flags now appear for all countries in the localization drop-down.


November 21, 2018
First release with new date-based version number format.

Release Notes

Note: We changed the Exodus version numbers to date format so you can easily tell if you have the latest version of Exodus. For example, the version released today is 18.11.21 - this is in the format of YEAR.MONTH.DAY.

Version 18.11.21, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


A new logo has been introduced along with other design updates throughout the wallet. Read here for more on our evolving brand:

Pricing server optimizations have been made to deliver more accurate prices across assets.


A redesigned portfolio welcome screen has been introduced for new, empty wallets.

Fixed a scrollbar drawing issue on Windows and Linux.

Fixed donut animation when deposits arrive and the mouse is over the deposit asset section.

Speed up the portfolio section when large numbers of assets are loaded.


You can now send and receive Paxos (PAX)! To add the Paxos (PAX) wallet, click Settings and then Assets to add the Paxos (PAX) wallet.

Rchain (RHOC) has been delisted.

A bug that was preventing Stellar Lumens (XLM) accounts from merging has been squashed.


Descriptions and community links have been updated for new assets active in the exchange.

Search functionality has been added to Settings > Localization. You can now find your local currency by typing its name in the search bar.


Paxos (PAX) has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Paxos (PAX) to further diversify your portfolio.

Loading optimizations have been made for users loading the exchange with slower internet connections.


The Help section has been redesigned, making it easier to find the answers to your questions or contact us directly.


November 8, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.64.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


A new twist on the traditional BTC-fiat balance switch. Now you can directly switch between your local currency and BTC when clicking on the portfolio balance within the portfolio ring.


You can now send and receive NEO (NEO)! To add the NEO (NEO) wallet, click Settings and then Assets.

All asset wallets with a balance will now be shown at the top of the list for easy viewing. All other wallets will remain the same in alphabetical order as before.

Search has been added to the wallet. Click the magnifying glass and type the first few characters, or ticker symbol, of the asset you are looking for.

A few minor advanced EOS optimizations have been fixed with EOS account creation.


Neo (NEO) has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Neo (NEO) to further diversify your portfolio.

Search has been added to the exchange. You can now filter down to the asset you want to exchange by typing the first few characters, or ticker symbol, of the asset your looking for.


October 28, 2018


Zcash Sapling hard fork support.

In some cases selectively disable EOS (ERC20) to reduce confusion.


October 25, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.63.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


A few subtle design updates were made to improve Navigation, Portfolio and Backup.


You can now send and receive EOS mainnet. To add EOS mainnet to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets.

EOS now has an Advanced button inside the wallet to view RAM, CPU and NET along with other details like staking for your EOS wallet.

EOS wallet has a built-in automatic filter to remove 0 value SPAM transactions with marketing messages on the EOS blockchain.

Fixed outgoing Stellar (XLM) transactions to immediately show up in the account history with no delay.


New users of EOS mainnet can now exchange any asset to EOS and Exodus will automatically handle all the advanced account setup for you and create your first EOS account.

EOS mainnet has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for EOS mainnet to further diversify your portfolio.


If you are holding EOS on an exchange Exodus can now help you create an EOS account by using the advanced developer menu.

Export safe report button has been fixed in the help section.


October 11, 2018


Portfolio now displays digital asset values in addition to fiat values when hovering over sections of the donut.


September 29, 2018


Fixed incorrect portfolio balances shown on startup.


September 27, 2018

Version 1.61.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


Negative balances caused by inaccurate pricing data feeds on the portfolio are now a thing of the past. We can't always make the market go up but we absolutely will make sure our charts are sitting pretty.


Occasionally we had reports of Dash banner error messages on slower networks. Our Dash networking code has been updated and users should not see this banner unless there is a confirmed problem connecting to an asset network.

We added back in the option to easily click the send ALL button for Tron (TRX). The Tron network calculates transactions a bit different but Exodus does all the hard work to send ALL of your Tron with one push-of-a-button.


Upgraded to Electron v2.0.10 - If you know what this smarty-pants-javascript-stuff means take a look at our developer careers and get in touch!


September 13, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.60.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


You can now send and receive Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT). To add Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT) to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets.


Tron (TRX) has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Tron (TRX) to further diversify your portfolio.

Sometimes if transaction fees changed quickly in the middle of a transaction you were left with a very tiny amount (also called dust) hanging out in your wallet. Think of this like sending $100 USD to a friend then having 1/10 of one penny left over. This was annoying - Exodus now double checks to make sure any dust is cleared out and double checked when these rare network events happen.


Exodus now analyzes large inputs (typically from mining) and suggests breaking up large transactions. This is a very rare edge case issue and typically only happens if you are using Exodus as a payment for mining profits over an extended time.

Assets with very tiny balances (sometimes called dust balances) can now be hidden in the Settings > Assets section.


September 10, 2018


Electron updated. If you know what this nerdy lingo means, please see our career's page.


Sept 1, 2018


Wallet startup fix.


August 31, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.59.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


The Windows version of Exodus joins the Mac version and now has auto update. This should be the last version Windows users need to download and update manually. For all future updates, both Mac and Windows users, will receive a one-click update button when new builds are ready for download.


You can now send and receive Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Mithril (MITH). To add Stellar Lumens (XLM) and/or Mithril (MITH) to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets.

Balances are now displayed on the wallet navigation to get a quick, at-a-glance total balance overview for individual assets.


Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Mithril (MITH) have been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Mithril (MITH) to further diversify your portfolio.

Fixed a small but annoying bug in the exchange that was causing errors if the Ethereum network changed gas values as the exchange was starting. Exodus now gracefully handles this change behind the scenes and fixes it automatically for you.

August 17, 2018


Changing fiat currencies no longer causes the app to crash.


Simplified choices on in the developer menu for Ripple (XRP). This reduces confusion by handing both cases of moving funds from a Ripple (XRP) private or secret key.

August 16, 2018


When sending Ripple (XRP) you can now click the advanced icon to attach a destination tag.

August 16, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.58.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


The Mac version of Exodus now has auto update. If you are on Mac, this should be the last version you have to download and update manually. For all future updates Mac users will receive a one-click update button. Windows users we have not forgotten about you - the windows version is in testing now.


You can now send and receive Ripple (XRP) and TrueUSD (TUSD). To add Ripple (XRP) and/or TrueUSD (TUSD) to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets.


Ripple (XRP) and TrueUSD (TUSD) have been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Ripple (XRP) or TrueUSD (TUSD) to further diversify your portfolio.


If you're deep into Ethereum smart contracts, Exodus can now send 0 ETH transactions for all your fancy smart contract operations.

August 2, 2018


30 Day trend lines have been fixed on large format screens.

Fixed the highest balance calculation to account for disabled assets.


You can now send and receive Qtum. To add Qtum to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.


Qtum has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Qtum to further diversify your portfolio. To exchange for Qtum be sure to first visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.


Added links to join asset official telegram groups.


Exodus, by default, now displays your private keys when requested rather than exporting them to a file. Users can copy these keys and use them as they wish. This small security step should help users who forget to properly discard files with private keys after they are used.

Fixed Decred WIF format. If you know what this smarty-pants-crypto-stuff means take a look at our developer careers and get in touch!

July 19, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.56.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Steemit blog.


30 Day trend lines have been added to the portfolio.

The portfolio over time chart now expands to screens larger than 1920 pixels wide.

Portfolio speed optimizations for wallets with a large number of diversified assets.

Portfolio sorting order fixed for asset with dust balances.


EOS can be turned off even if the account has a balance. This helps for users who moved EOS to mainnet and still have a legacy EOS balance showing on Exodus.

July 10, 2018


Portfolio circle design tweaks.

More portfolio performance optimizations.


Updated Digibyte logo to new design.

Updated Augur contract address.

July 7, 2018


Optimized portfolio performance and startup speed.

July 6, 2018


Fix problems with running on older macOS versions.

July 5, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.55.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


New design on the portfolio donut chart. This new design gives a bit of space between assets to visually separate holding that maybe similar in color.

New analytics stats on your portfolio shows information about your highest balance + best/least performing assets along with overall 24H portfolio change.

Clicking on a section of your portfolio donut scrolls to the selected asset to show more information.

New portfolio over time view shows historical balance information about your overall holdings.

New "More" button at the bottom of your portfolio page takes you to the settings page to add more assets.


Few small design and sizing updates to the wallet section for better visibility.


Binance (BNB) is now active in the exchange section!

July 3, 2018


Zcash Overwinter fix for transactions.

June 27, 2018


Exchange section optimizations for those who have exchanged > 100 times.

June 25, 2018


Zcash Overwinter support.

June 23, 2018


Fixed a rare edge case display issue showing a blank screen in the exchange section.

June 21, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.54.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


A number of small app design updates including icon and button styles plus a new theme.


Updated portfolio layout with additional info showing price, market cap and volume.


Mithril has been added to the wallet section. You can enable the asset by visiting Settings > Assets.

Fixed a bug for users who upgraded to the latest version from a previous version with legacy Dogecoin transactions.

June 7, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.53.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


Updated the Bitcoin Cash claim function to prefill the new q address.

Exodus warns if you accidentally try to send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address.

Dash has a fancy new logo in your wallet!


Fixed a scrolling bug that would cause blank pages on certain configurations and screen sizes.


Added a one-click EOS registration check.

May 24, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.52.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


Improved QR code scanner.

Improved networking code to save on bandwith when the wallet is open for long periods of time.

Zcash is now enabled by default.


Upgraded to Electron v1.8.6 - If you know what this smarty-pants-javascript-stuff means take a look at our developer careers and get in touch!

May 19, 2018


Popup reminder to register EOS.

May 17, 2018


Certain conditions would cause the asset units to be incorrect.

May 15, 2018


Our security team has been hard at work behind the scenes and discovered more safety and security precautions to protect your assets. A new version of Exodus has been released immediately ( Version 1.51.2 ) with fixes and security upgrades in place. This security patch was focused on protocols used in Exodus dependencies.

All users need to upgrade immediately.

May 10, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.51.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


You can now click assets in the portfolio to quick-link to individual wallets.

The portfolio now correctly reports on fractional values below 1%.


Exodus now auto-corrects if connection problems cause an error in the middle of refreshing your wallet. Restating on this error is now relic of the past as of version 1.51.0.


EOS, BAT and EDG are now back for exchange for all customers living outside the US.


A search bar has been added to the settings section.


By popular request the toggle password visibility icons on the login screen have been switched.

April 28, 2018


Hovering over an asset in the pie chart now reveals the proper currency. Sorry to everyone outside the US!

Hovering over an asset in the pie chart now has commas for those fortunate enough to have amounts that need commas. Your eyes will thank us.

April 26, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.50.0, in-depth, extended release notes are posted on our Medium blog.


You can now hover over the donut in the Portfolio to expand and visualize individual assets.

Assets with a 0 balance are now properly sorted in the Portfolio view.


You can now send and receive Zcash. To add Zcash to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.


Zcash has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Zcash to further diversify your portfolio. To exchange for Zcash be sure to first visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.


Using the advanced Developer Menu, all types of Digibyte private keys are now supported for importing.

Using the advanced Developer Menu, you can now export your EOS private key for future use on the upcoming for EOS mainnet.

April 12, 2018

Release Notes

We have version 1.49.0, in-depth, extended release notes here.


Optimized app startup time with portfolios holding a large number of diversified assets.


You can now send and receive Digibyte. To add Digibyte to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.

The Dai stablecoin has been added to the Ethereum assets. Users can now send and receive Dai. To add Dai to your portfolio visit the Settings section then click Assets, scroll down to the bottom, then click ‘Ethereum Assets’ to turn it on.

Optimized Bitcoin fees even further to lower dust limits. Hurray for lower transaction fees!

Fixed connection failed banners on slower computers and network connections.


Digibyte has been added to the exchange. You can now exchange any Exodus asset for Digibyte to further diversify your portfolio. To exchange for Digibyte be sure to first visit the Settings section then click Assets to turn it on.


For extra safety we now remind customers who restore the wallet using 12 words to set a strong password. In addition we now have a knowledge base article detailing password protection when restoring using your 12-word phrase.

April 3, 2018


Some EOS registration links have been corrected.


The swap icon would fail to switch asset units in specific cases.

March 29, 2018

Release Notes

We have version 1.48.0, in-depth, extended release notes here.


The “reveal password” icon now opens and shuts its one good eye depending on whether you’d like to view or hide your secret password.

Remember when restoring with your 12 word phrase meant losing all of your exchange history? Fear not! This has been fixed and Exodus from here on out keeps your history for you, no matter how you restore your wallet, all the while allowing you to control your private keys.


With a heavy heart, we must announce that First Blood (1ST) will not be returning to the exchange platform in Exodus. This is due to being delisted from major exchanges like Bittrex. Firstblood will now live in the Ethereum Assets tab of your wallet.


Exodus added a 1-click-easy way to register your EOS address and tokens. Find out more…

Funfair has a new logo in your wallet!


Upgraded to Electron v1.7.13 - If you know what this smarty-pants-javascript-stuff means take a look at our developer careers and get in touch!

March 20, 2018


Fixed display issue that could cause the portfolio donut chart to be too small when just a few assets are displayed.

March 16, 2018


Fixed display issue that could cause the portfolio donut chart to be squashed when over 32 assets are displayed.


Fixed display issue with Bitcoin Cash "CashAddr" addresses.

March 15, 2018

Release Notes

We have version 1.47.0, in-depth, extended release notes here.


Added a visual indicator to hide/unhide your password when signing into your wallet. This helps users who like to see the password they are typing. Just be sure no one can see your screen if you use this!


Ripio (RCN) has been added. You can now send, receive and exchange Ripio for other Exodus assets. As the official token of the Ripio Credit Network, RCN tokens are “required to access the network and facilitate transactions among all agents.” More information on the project and token can be found on Ripio’s Website.


More entries have been added to our ever growing list of Ethereum Assets (also called ERC20 tokens for you tech-heads). Exodus now allows you to send and receive; Bread (BRD), Genesis Vision (GVT), Iconomi (ICN), KuCoin (KCS), MediShares (MDS), Pillar (PLR), Ripio (RCN), Rivetz (RVT), Santiment (SAN), Substratum (SUB), TenX (PAY), and Time New Bank (TNB).

Exodus now supports sending to Bech32 BTC addresses. This is a first step in our effort to add full SegWit support on Exodus for Bitcoin. For those that want to take a deep dive more info can be found on the Bitcoin Wiki.

CashAddr support for BCH has been added. No more pesky address conversion needed. 🙌

We lightened up LTC fees over 3X! They’ve been reduced from 0.0095 to 0.003 per transaction.


We squashed some bugs in the wallet backup process to keep things smooth as silk - adding extra protection to keep your assets safe.

March 2, 2018


Corrected Ethereum asset Viberate contract address.

March 1, 2018


Optimized a number of display and UI/UX performance improvements when Exodus is starting up for the first time.


Exodus can now send to native Bitcoin Cash addresses (CashAddr) format. This allows customers to send funds to Coinbase BCH wallets, for example, which now only accept the q-style addresses instead of the legacy format (starting with 1-).

More Ethereum Assets have been added to Settings > Assets.

New supported Ethereum Assets now include: AdToken, Aeron, AirSwap, Amber, AppCoins, Cindicator, Decentraland, Lunyr, Maker, Monaco, Quantstamp, Raiden, Storm, TAAS and Viberate.

Optimized asset logos to improve loading speed and file size.

February 15, 2018


Added Vertcoin (VTC). Upgrade to version 1.45.0, then turn on Vertcoin in Settings > Assets to send, receive and exchange Vertcoin (VTC).

Remember when restoring with your 12 word phrase meant losing all of your exchange history? Fear not! This has been fixed and Exodus from here on out keeps your history for you, no matter what, all the while allowing you to control your private keys.


You can now choose a preferred portfolio sorting order between Balance (High to Low) or traditional Alphabetical.

Additional Ethereum Assets added to Settings > Assets.

Additional cleanup in setting section for assets with long descriptions.


Fixed an edge case handling importing uncompressed private keys.

February 4, 2018


Fixed Bitcoin Gold claim regression.

February 1, 2018


Further optimized Bitcoin fee calculations to help when the network is less congested.

Further optimized Ethereum transactions for speed and reliability.

Added Ethereum token transaction fees on advanced transactions export spreadsheet.

Fixed small display title messages in private key sweeping.

Fixed Bitcoin Gold private key import.

Import encrypted Bitcoin paper wallets.


Optimized websockets connection to not allow for polling. This will reduce all server overhead on busy networks and connections.

Updated all links to Knowledge Base to use HTTPS.

January 23, 2018


Our security team has been hard at work behind the scenes and discovered more safety and security precautions to protect your assets. A new version of Exodus has been released immediately ( Version 1.43.4 ) with fixes and security upgrades in place. This security patch was focused on protocols used in Exodus dependencies. For all non-technical, normal users you can just upgrade as part of your regular security practice.

January 20, 2018


Pricing feed for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has been corrected for those using CoinMarketCap as a pricing feed. Find out more about pricing feeds.

Lowered Dash fees by 10X. ( Changed from 0.0001 DASH per kB to 0.00001 Dash per kB).

January 18, 2018


Exodus now clears any unnecessary whitespace from backup links. Previously if a user had hidden trailing whitespace the password would be incorrect.


Users can now claim Bitcoin Gold (BTG). View step-by-step instructions.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Status (SNT), 0x (ZRX), Bancor (BNT), iExec RLC (RLC), Edgeless (EDG), Wings (WINGS), FirstBlood (1ST), WeTrust (TRST), Matchpool (GUP) and Numeraire (NMR) are here. Upgrade to version 1.43.1 or higher to send, receive and exchange new assets.


The developer menu now has a "Sweep for Ethereum" and "Sweep for Ethereum Classic" for users who accidentally send ETH to ETC and vice versa.

January 4, 2018


Improved rescan reliability in the case of overloaded servers. Exodus now attempts server connections, up to 5 times, before reporting an error. This extra buffer helps servers peaking with very high traffic.

Updated asset descriptions, including future beta assets, in the settings section.

When sweeping a paper wallet from the advanced developer menu, because funds are moved on-chain, Exodus now previews the required transaction fee and prompts for confirmation.

The Bitcoin Cash logo has been changed to green from orange. This matches design choices made at Coinbase and seems to help users from mistaking Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin when sending and receiving.

Printing addresses, from the receive dialog, now include the asset name as well as a general cleanup of extra items causing confusion.

December 21, 2017


Exodus now has additional safety checks for file integrity on launch. If any type of file corruption is detected, Exodus attempts to auto-repair the files. This helps users who experience hard drive corruption issues or unexpected power failures while using Exodus.

Exodus notifies you if you are sending all your Ethereum and have Ethereum-powered assets (sometimes called ERC20).

Optimized Ethereum and Ethereum Classic gas prices.


Improved exchange tracking for delayed exchanges caused by overloaded network traffic.

December 7, 2017


Exodus now supports sending to Copay-formatted bitcoin cash addresses.

Optimized Dash sending fees by over 4X!


All / Half / Min buttons always show up even if you don't have the minimum to exchange. Previously these buttons only were visible when you had the required minimum amount of assets to exchange.

Better, more explicit, natural language exchange error messages.

More reliable exchange progress tracking in times of network congestion.


Behind-the-scenes automatic fallbacks are now in place along with an automatic configuration for down network resources.

More reliable fee monitoring + faster fee optimizations, across a number of assets, to help transactions stay on top of the rapidly growing network load.

Optimized Ethereum and Ethereum token (ERC20) network load across all resources.

Live Ethereum monitoring resources to be sure Ethereum and Ethereum tokens (ERC20) are delivered quickly in times of network saturation.

December 1, 2017


Support email buttons now open the default mail client and pre-fill the Exodus version number again.


A fix has been put in place for customers reporting problems exchanging Ethereum Classic.


A fix has been put in place for customers reporting delays sending Ethereum Classic. No more annoying timeouts, send and exchange ETC to your heart's content!

November 27, 2017


Additional fixes for users who had legacy QTUM orders not showing up in the Exchange History drawer.

November 26, 2017


Optimized Bitcoin Cash transactions to lower all fees.

Updated to faster block explorers for both Dash and Litecoin.


A handful of users were reporting the Exodus UI becoming unresponsive when clicking the exchange button. This has been fixed.

Fixed the stacking order (it was always on top) of the Ethereum warning banner in the exchange.

Temporarily removed percentages from the Order History page until we are sure the numbers are 100% accurate.


Added a 1-click option in the Developer menu ( Developer > Export Safe Report Data ) to easily package only safe Exodus report data for diagnostic by the Exodus support team. This file packages up only your safe data (No private keys are included) and allows the Exodus team to help with your specific problem without having access to your secure data or private keys. This diagnostic log data is safe and helps our support team fix very unique or hard problems in case you run into any trouble our team can not reproduce.

November 22, 2017


Even more bitcoin fee optimizations - with rising Bitcoin prices every little satoshi helps.


Exodus now has an exchange history view to browse all exchanges in one central location.

The new history drawer calculates your overall percentage change for each of your Exodus exchanges.

The new contact Exodus button in the history drawer to allow users to make contact with Exodus and pre-fill exchange details so our support team can help right away.


The developer menu now has a "Sweep for Bitcoin Cash" and "Sweep for Bitcoin" for users who accidentally send BTC to BCH and vice versa.

Exodus now exports all empty change addresses in the private key export files.

Exodus no longer allows dragging of URLs or items into the window.

Exodus can now import uncompressed WIF formatted addresses.

November 13, 2017


A few regions around the world continued to report Bitcoin balance issues after rescanning. Exodus has put additional servers in place to safeguard against this error.

November 9, 2017


We got rid of the cobwebs and made big optimizations across the entire application. Exodus is now 3.3MB smaller overall!

Adjusted Ethereum address failure messages to read more like a human and less like an Ethereum robot.

Notification banners now appear in the proper stacking order. Previously we had a few users tell us, at small window sizes, notification banners were not stacking correctly and the buttons were not working.

More spacing adjustments have been made to the help section. Also button sizes have been improved to contain longer items like email addresses. We are looking at you

Fixed the typo in the QTUM asset in the settings section.

The upgrade button now marks your current version to allow for easier upgrades and upgrade notifications.

Fixed color borders in the backup section. Also made spacing adjustments to the entire backup section for greater clarity.

Adjusted the fiat total in the sidebar for users with large balances. Previously users with large balances were experiencing ugly wrapping text.

Adjusted the sizing in the help section. There was some tiny text that was hard to read in a few sections. This should be easier for everyone to quickly browse and skim now.


Further optimizations to long digit amounts in the portfolio. This goes even further to prevent ugly number wrapping on small screens and window sizes, keeping the view clean and tidy.

Color adjustments have been made to further separate out Bitcoin from Bitcoin Cash.

The design team was also busy optimizing the portfolio to make room for everyone who wants to add 3 or 4 rows of assets on tiny laptop screens. They stayed up late to tweak every pixel to make small size laptop users rejoice on no extra scrolling.


Exodus now checks for exchange pricing data twice as fast. This will help everyone when exchanging assets to make sure with fast-moving markets they can catch the best and latest price swings.

To increase transparency, exchange rate modifications now have the ability to show the rate per asset on both sides of the pair. To toggle this view click on the rate text under the exchange button.

In addition to Exodus being the only wallet to show fiat values in the exchange this new rate toggle feature brings further transparency to view all angles of asset exchanges inside Exodus. With fiat values, and now both asset pairs toggling, Exodus is proud to be one of the most transparent exchange experiences. Although Exodus exchanges will always be slightly higher than a traditional exchange, or using ShapeShift directly, Exodus funnels all revenue back into the core product and customer support team. We are proud to maintain a free product and service funded by exchange volume. As opposed to doing an ICO, Exodus continues to focus on product. We believe over time as we continue to provide value for the digital asset ecosystem exchange revenue will grow and continue to support the brand, company and mission to help individuals control their future wealth!

Exodus now extends users a few seconds grace period to cancel an exchange in progress. This brief buffer time will help users who accidentally started an exchange and also help users to double check after clicking the exchange button they are sure they want to complete an exchange.


Exodus now supports exporting your Bitcoin Cash xpub. This feature is accessible for advanced users in the Developer Menu.

Per feedback from the community we adjusted the spacing on the receive address to make sure there was plenty of room around the address at all window sizes.

Fixed the border style consistency on the send-all button and QR code button to match. Thanks to our eagle-eyed development community for catching these pixels out of place!

Exodus now triple checks Ethereum addresses, and all assets based on Ethereum, [ Aragon (ANT), Augur (REP), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Civic (CVC), District0x (DNT), EOS (EOS), FunFair (FUN), Gnosis (GNO), Golem (GNT), OmiseGo (OMG) and Salt (SALT) ] that are scanned in with a QR code. We have noticed there are some wallets not including checksum safety precautions on Ethereum and Ethereum token addresses. If Exodus detects one of these addresses it now warns you to check each character of the address to make sure it is correct.

Exodus now properly separates out fees from the sending amounts in the advanced export transactions list. Although balances were always accurate this gives all the accountants, and everyone wanting to know down to the satoshi, how your wallet and transactions have built up over time. You can find this feature in the developer menu under Developer > Assets > Asset > Export Transactions…

Exodus further has optimized Bitcoin related display balances.

Further speed and reliability optimizations have been made to monitor incoming Ethereum and all Ethereum token transactions.

A link to the address you are sending to is now live in the send window confirmation. This link allows you to click the address you are sending to and view it on the blockchain before you send. This is yet another way to make sure you are sending to a correct address. It also is a great way to see and check the address you have sent to previously.

Exodus now properly sizes and prevents text wrap on long Ethereum address vs. shorter Bitcoin addresses. Ethereum addresses are natively longer and they need special care in the entire application.

Send all on Ethereum sometimes left a few annoying trailing pieces of ether in the wallet. We were as annoyed as you when we saw wallets with a balance of 0.0000000000000001 ETH. We made sure to kick this to the curb.

Advanced users using your XPub in the dev console will now be able to properly export addresses. (We realize this may be only about 10 people but boy will these advanced nerds be happy about this)

We sent our design team into the send model to make some additional font and spacing adjustments for clarity.

Added colored addresses on the sending confirmation screen to further give another visual cue of the asset you are sending too. These subtle refinements help people not send Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic to Ethereum.

Adjusted the center and alignment of the refresh icons and the animations. These are the crazy little things our designers stay up late at night to fix that no one will notice. ;)

Updated the sizing on the transaction history details drawer. These were previously small fonts that were harder to read. We redesigned the drawers a bit to be able to bump the font sizes slightly. This resulted in greater readability and consistency across all wallets and transactions.

November 9, 2017


Fixed incorrect balance issues for Bitcoin after rescanning. Bitpay insight was returning a wrong state, Exodus now double checks and protects against this error. All Bitcoin balances after rescan are now correct.

October 27, 2017


Regression fixed that prevented you from exporting your private keys. We don't want your money stuck in Exodus, we swear... okay, we mostly don't want this :p

For those of you saw the upgrade banner right after downloading the new version, sorry to say, we're fast, but not that fast with releasing new versions. Shout-out to Jase in our Slack for the help.

No one likes typos... and neither does NightOwl, presumably he watches over Exodus grammar and spelling to rid us of these pesky typos. FunFair typo fixed in the Asset Settings.

October 26, 2017


Exodus now pre-fills your own Exodus BCH wallet address when using the Exodus Bitcoin Cash claim function. This feature is perfect for users who are on other wallets and have not claimed Bitcoin Cash yet.

If you have your Bitcoin Cash trapped in another wallet here is a great video by BTC Sessions on how to import your 12-word seed from other wallets and claim your Bitcoin Cash!

Exodus now has a new font for the navigation and portfolio section. This font allows for larger numbers and text on all screen sizes. As our assets and portfolios increase, readability (and being able to fit more items on the screen) becomes important to customers holding a larger portfolio of assets.


Long digit amounts (16 decimal places in ETH and ERC20) have been trimmed down to 8 in the portfolio. This prevents ugly number wrapping on small screens and window sizes, keeping the view clean and tidy.

A rounding bug that caused a few users’ portfolio total values to only show 99% vs. 100% has been fixed. Although this was only a display bug, everyone should now be at 100%!


district0x (DNT) is here! Upgrade to version 1.37.0 to send and receive district0x.

FunFair (FUN) is here! Upgrade to version 1.37.0 to send and receive FunFair.

The send window has an updated look. Users can now quickly type in asset or fiat values. There is also a new send all button. This window will soon bring advanced sending options for power users.

A few users reported older transactions not having pricing details in the detail display drawer. This has been fixed.


You can now exchange any asset for district0x (DNT).

You can now exchange any asset for FunFair (FUN).

Additional safeguards have been put in place to make sure all exchanges are double checked and delivered quickly.

October 12, 2017


The Settings > Assets section has been rebuilt and upgraded. There are now links to each projects Reddit, website and Twitter feeds along with a short summary describing each asset Exodus supports. This is a great 1-stop way find out more about the latest assets supported by Exodus.

The Settings > Assets tab is now selected by default the first time you visit the Settings section.


Spacing adjustments have been made to allow more room to fit more assets.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is here! Upgrade to version 1.36.1 to send and receive Bitcoin Cash.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is here! Upgrade to version 1.36.1 to send and receive Ethereum Classic.

Big speed improvements when receiving Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and all Ethereum (ERC20) tokens.

Preparations have been made to notify users and put safeguards in place for the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork. You can find more details in our Bitcoin hard fork article in the Exodus Knowledge Base.

Additional Ethereum servers and second-factor tiers are now implemented to prepare all Exodus customers for the upcoming Ethereum hard fork. More details are written in our Ethereum hard fork article in the Exodus Knowledge Base.

If you do not hold any QTUM assets, QTUM is now hidden and disabled by default. QTUM recently changed from an ERC20 (Ethereum supported) token to a native blockchain. More details about this upgrade process are detailed in the Exodus Knowledge Base.


You can now exchange any asset for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

You can now exchange any asset for Ethereum Classic (ETC).

October 6, 2017


Under certain conditions, if Exodus couldn't connect to Etherscan and a rescan of the wallet was performed, the balance could reset to 0.

October 4, 2017


SALT (SALT) enabled for exchange.

September 28, 2017


The add button is now active for new portfolios. Previously this add button did not accept clicks on new Exodus installs.

On first launch, for new users, all assets are enabled by default. Assets can still be turned off and hidden in the Settings > Assets section.


SALT (SALT) is now looking at pricing feeds once a market price has been established. Keep your eye on Coinmarketcap and Cryptocompare!

The link to view your SALT address on the blockchain ( in the receive window ) now correctly links to the block explorer to view your SALT transactions.


Fixed launch errors in console reported by a few users of 1.35.1. Exodus is now launch-ready optimized. Thanks to the hard-core, early-adopters for the reports!

September 25, 2017


Portfolio has been optimized with a scrolling list for those of you who love having every asset turned on!

Easy add button in the portfolio is now in place to quickly allow you to enable/disable assets.


SALT (SALT) is here! Upgrade to version 1.35.0 to send and receive Salt tokens.

Exodus now does extra steps to make sure prices are accurate on slow networks.


Once ShapeShift enables Salt support, Exodus will allow you to exchange any asset for SALT (SALT).

September 14, 2017


Exodus now supports over 30 currency pairs to display fiat values.

NEW! Bitcoin fee optimizations are now in place to reduce network fees! Keep in mind, if you are mining or receiving daily payouts in Bitcoin (BTC) to your Exodus wallet, your fees will improve but still remain higher than average. Read more about how BTC network fees are calculated.


Civic (CVC) is here! Upgrade to version 1.34.1 to send and receive Civic tokens.

Exodus has further optimized advanced Ethereum transactions.

Improved Litecoin SegWit address detection. Also added additional safety measures to save users from accidentally sending Litecoin to a Bitcoin SegWit address.

Additional safety checks have been put in place on sending assets to check-and-double-check you are not mistakenly sending the same payment by clicking twice!

Implemented additional fixes and upgrades on Ethereum to be sure Exodus works with ShapeShift Prism.

Dogecoin has been removed from Exodus. More information and full discussion about why Dogecoin had to be removed is on Reddit.


You can now exchange any asset for Civic (CVC).

Improved exchange minimum and maximum limits to catch and account for quick market rate changes.

Improved error messages in the exchange for users who had a balance lower than the fee required to exchange.


Significantly reduced traffic network consumption.

Exodus Now Supports These Currencies

AUD - Australian dollar

BRL - Brazilian real

CAD - Canadian dollar

CHF - Swiss franc

CLP - Chilean peso

CZK - Czech koruna

DKK - Danish krone

EUR - Euro

GBP - British pound

HKD - Hong Kong dollar

HUF - Hungarian forint

IDR - Indonesian rupiah

ILS - Israeli new shekel

INR - Indian rupee

JPY - Japanese Yen

KRW - South Korean won

MXN - Mexican peso

MYR - Malaysian ringgit

NOK - Norwegian krone

NZD - New Zealand dollar

PHP - Philippine peso

PKR - Pakistani rupee

PLN - Polish złoty

RUB - Russian ruble

SEK - Swedish krona

SGD - Singapore dollar

THB - Thai baht

TRY - Turkish lira

TWD - New Taiwan dollar

USD - United States dollar

ZAR - South African rand

September 3, 2017


Even more advanced Ethereum address fixes for non-standard transactions.


Big increase in ShapeShift limits on high liquidity assets. (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)

August 31, 2017


Qtum (QTUM) is here!

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is here!

Exodus has further optimized advanced Ethereum transactions.

Lighter asset colors have been optimized for use in model windows. Previously light colors were difficult to see on a white background.


You can now exchange any asset for Qtum (QTUM).

You can now exchange any asset for Basic Attention Token (BAT).


The advanced developer menu for selecting a pricing source now persists after changing the source.

Exodus now has advanced Bitcoin UTXO selection optimizations. Exodus now will default to sending BTC favoring previously unused UTXOs. This fix will help users who quickly send a number of Bitcoin transactions in a row.

August 17, 2017


Exodus now quickly tells you when you type a bad password on login - previously this took way too long…like never.


OmiseGo (OMG) is here!

Exodus now prevents Dash dust.

The wallet asset list now shows an "+ Add More" button to easily add more assets.

Exodus now tells you if you do not have a camera connected when you try to open a QR code.


You can now exchange any asset for OmiseGo.

August 9, 2017


Fixed a graphic display flash error when exchanging one asset quickly after another finishes.

August 3, 2017


Users can now send out Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to exchanges or other wallets that support Bitcoin Cash. View step-by-step instructions.

Fixed a few strange EOS internal transactions that were being caused from customers claiming EOS from the daily sale. This did not effect the majority of normal EOS holders/traders.

Fixed occasional pending tags incorrectly showing up when switching from BTC to Dash wallet views.

Fixed and now prevent dust transactions in Decred.

Incoming exchange transactions are now marked correctly with the exchange icon vs the received icon.


When an exchange is complete the Exchange section now automatically resets back to starting a new exchange. Previously users had to click the "Start A New Exchange" button.


Exodus now exports all private keys that were used even if they have a zero balance. This may help some users who were looking for BCH tokens on 0 balance accounts.

Exodus now warns users when exporting private keys to keep them safe. IMPORTANT: Please be safe when dealing/storing private keys - anyone with access to your private keys can take your funds!

July 30, 2017


1.30.1 introduced a regression for those who were using as their pricing source. This didn't affect most, as Exodus uses by default.

July 29, 2017


Augur contract updated. Augur had a security vulnerability in its contract. No funds were at risk.

In rare circumstances, EOS transfers would show incorrect amounts.

July 20, 2017


NEW: Gnosis is here!

NEW: Exodus now has a built-in early warning system to detect and warn users if mining payouts will significantly impact network fees. We believe this is an industry first!

IMPROVED: Pricing feed lookups now have more redundancy, faster speed and greater stability.

IMPROVED: Golem, Augur, EOS and Aragon now fully export all transactions correctly.

IMPROVED: Lightning fast wallet switching with assets that have over 100+ transactions. Optimized for wallets that even have over 1000+ transactions!

BUGFIX: Fixed wallet scrolling that would cause a scrolling list to jump if your window size was just a few pixels more than the window size.

REMOVED: Doge is now disabled by default on new wallets. In the future Exodus will be removing Dogecoin. See our full Reddit post about this decision.

Backup / Restore

IMPROVED: If Exodus detects any assets deposited and a backup has not been made a warning badge will now notify the user. Previously this badge only showed up when the user has 0.1 BTC worth of assets.


NEW: Exodus welcomes everyone down under - AUD support has been added.

July 7, 2017


BUGFIX: Adjusted the gas limits for Aragon. Some users were reporting gas errors in certain configurations.

July 6, 2017


NEW: We now monitor the Exodus global status network, including all Exodus supported assets and issue in-app, status notifications for any items to pay attention to. This will be helpful for network updates and capacity notifications.


NEW: EOS is here!

NEW: Aragon is here!

IMPROVED: The minimum ETH balance has been lowered to 0.005 for sending ERC20 assets. This includes EOS, Augur, Golem and Aragon. Read the Exodus knowledge base article for more information on ERC20 and Ethereum powered assets.

IMPROVED: Updated Litecoin block explorer to use the core Lightcoin development environment. This will ensure compatibility with SegWit and all future core upgrades.

IMPROVED: Ethereum refresh has been improved for legacy transactions.

IMPROVED: Fixed the wallet showing 0.00 for a brief moment on launch while Exodus is gathering asset prices - instead we show dashes ( -.-- ). We believe 0.00 is terrible to show, even for a few milliseconds, and could cause anxiety on wallet loading.

Backup / Restore

IMPROVED: Better onboarding and security tips have been added throughout the backup setup process.

IMPROVED: Exodus now automatically rebuilds your entire history of each asset when restoring from your 12-word phrase. Previously this was a manual process where users clicked to refresh each asset one-by-one after a restore. Our updated new restore process now automatically refreshes and rebuilds as a double check to make sure even very old transactions and all change address are up to date.


NEW: A BoxMining personality skin has been added. BoxMining is an easy-to-digest international recap of all things digital assets. This is one of Daniel's personal favorites at Exodus - give it a watch to check it out!


NEW: Advanced users can now use a console command to control the maximum amount of P2P nodes per asset.

June 28, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixed a connection issue with Decred.

June 22, 2017


NEW: Decred is here! Hurray for more assets to diversify your portfolio.

IMPROVED: Added additional redundancy to BTC outgoing transactions. Just another fail-safe you'll never know you need until you do. :)

IMPROVED: Exodus now prevents pesky Litecoin dust from dragging down your transaction speed. This is similar to fairy dust except more Chikun inspired. How's that for being SegWitty?

BUGFIX: The private key export spreadsheet now has the correct columns for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Decred and Dogecoin.


NEW: Live rates added to the receive drop-down. Type 1 ETH on the left and see how much you can get of every asset, in exchange for your 1 ETH, all in one place.

IMPROVED: Better error messages have been put in place in the cases of ShapeShift response errors.

IMPROVED: The spread has been replaced in the exchange section with the exact rate you will get for exchanges.

IMPROVED: If assets are unavailable for exchange they are now marked as "Temporarily Unavailable".


NEW: We now support currency values for our friends up north - welcome Canadian Dollars (CAD)!

NEW: Added localization section to change currency values between Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP) and Canadian Dollars (CAD).

June 12, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixed a persistent "Loading…" message on in the portfolio view on some wallets after upgrading. This only seemed to happen with Windows users who had extremely tight antivirus locks enabled.

June 9, 2017


NEW: Exodus now displays a system level notification when receiving an asset.


BUGFIX: The private key export menu has been fixed for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin.


IMPROVED: Adjusted exchange minimums to better reflect accurate rate spreads.

June 8, 2017


IMPROVED: Exodus no longer restarts when changing currency units (USD, GBP, Euros).

NEW: Exodus welcomes more of our friends across the pond - we now support the pound sterling (symbol: GBP), commonly known as the pound. You can now toggle between USD/EUR/GBP via the developer menu. STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS

IMPROVED: You can now click to drag the password window around the screen.


IMPROVED: BIG wallet file stability improvements. To minimize disk access, Exodus no longer writes to your wallet file if data hasn't changed. This significantly minimizes touching the disk and should help all users especially those on old-school platter disk drives.

IMPROVED: Additional wallet safety checks added. Exodus now creates swap files to prevent possible write error corruption on slow disks or unexpected power failures.

IMPROVED: Exodus now automatically fetches the latest state ( rescans the blockchain ) for assets that were turned back on after being disabled.

IMPROVED: Exodus now tells the user via a dialog if a transaction can not be broadcast. Although this is rare if the user is having network trouble this should help them track down sending errors.

BUGFIX: Fixed negative balance errors that could be caused by receiving assets that were disabled.


BUGFIX: Fixed Ethereum exchange rounding errors on 16 levels of decimal precision not matching ShapeShift expected amounts. Previously these 16-decimal-place exchanges would fail to send and users would have to manually remove a few decimal places then exchange again. This was clearly terrible and very confusing. This is no longer the case.

May 29, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixed "Loading…" message never going away on a brand-new install.

May 25, 2017


NEW: Exodus now supports displaying fiat amounts in Euros. You can now toggle between USD/EUR via the developer menu. [ STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS ]

IMPROVED: General performance improvements throughout the entire application.

IMPROVED: Wallet and settings sections now remember previous selections. Before they would default to the first available selection.


IMPROVED: Bitcoin now tracks and tags unconfirmed transactions. This should help notify users of low fee or unconfirmed individual transactions on the Bitcoin network.

IMPROVED: Bitcoin default fees adjusted to reflect more accurate pricing to help speed transactions with the latest bitcoin network congestion.

BUGFIX: Fixed historical pricing data in the transaction detail view on Ethereum and ERC20 (Golem and Augur) assets.

May 15, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixes ETH balance calculations when users had addresses with internal transactions. Mostly this was left over from "The DAO" transactions.

May 14, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixes pricing data in transaction history on refresh.

May 13, 2017


BUGFIX: Fixes negative numbers in portfolio for a small number of users who upgraded.

May 11, 2017


IMPROVED: HUGE network optimizations everywhere. Exodus now uses significantly less network connections and resources!


NEW: Export detailed transaction reports from the developer menu. Spreadsheet fans rejoice!

IMPROVED: More details about the breakdown of fees, and the total KB to equal the cost, on the lower right of the Bitcoin send window.

IMPROVED: Users can now click the available balance or the fee description to open a knowledge base article with more information about balances, fees, unconfirmed transactions and how things are calculated.

IMPROVED: If Bitcoin fee is greater than balance, (This happens with miners or users having a large number of small payments over time) Exodus makes that clear on the send modal.

IMPROVED: When sending Golem or Augur Exodus uses a tiny amount of Ethereum to send these assets - these fees are now listed in the main Ethereum wallet.

BUGFIX: Random deposits of Augur and Golem would show up in the transaction list but not added to the balance until after a refresh. Both the balance and transaction list are instantly updated now on all deposits.

BUGFIX: Ethereum rescan has been rewritten to find even more edge case Ethereum in hiding.

April 27, 2017


New: Added Augur!

BUGFIX: You can now export Golem and Augur private keys from the developer menu. (These are the same as your Ethereum private keys.)

BUGFIX: A few Golem lookup URLs have been fixed.

BUGFIX: Removed Ox from Ethereum private keys to have better compatibility with myetherewallet.

BUGFIX: Rescanning Golem now shows sends and receives in case your wallet lost connection to the network.


IMPROVED: A number of library upgrades + code cleanup and refactoring has taken place resulting in minor performance increases.

IMPROVED: Moved all address chains to a simplified one chain for maximum BIP44 compatibility. This makes it much easier for users to move back and forth between other BIP44 standard wallet implementations.

April 22, 2017


BUGFIX: >10X speed improvements in Litecoin rescan.

April 14, 2017


New: Added Golem ❤️𝓖

BUGFIX: After importing a private key Exodus would show a "Transaction Successfully Sent" message before sending an asset. This was a UI error and it has been fixed.

BUGFIX: Refreshing no longer clears ShapeShift order info exchange links.

BUGFIX: Exodus now prevents you from sending to yourself. Our crazy beta testers can no longer mess up their transaction history by doing wacky sending tests. 😜


New: Exchange between any asset for Golem.

IMPROVED: HUGE USD pricing improvements in the exchange! Exodus now defaults to more accurate pricing from


NEW: Users can now easily switch between and pricing feeds from the developer menu.

March 31, 2017


NEW: Two new crypto-personalities skins have been added. Exodus is proud to welcome the intangible, Trevon James and BritVR as our newest additions.


BUGFIX: Fixed the ability to turn on disabled assets when they have a balance. You could hit this issue if you disabled an asset then later received a payment to that disabled address. Previously this would cause the asset to be stuck in the off state - this is now fixed.

BUGFIX: Fixed rare instances when Exodus would auto-advance, without user permission, to the next address in the sequence.

IMPROVED: Exodus now optimizes how wallet files and associated data are written to disk to minimize corruption issues. We talked to a few customers that had a computer lose power suddenly or saw disk errors causing corrupted wallet files. Although restoring from backup always fixed the problem, this precaution is one step closer to Exodus double checking items to protect you in the case of these random occurrences.

IMPROVED: We now have a more advanced Bitcoin fee calculation process with service redundancy. Unfortunately, even with better fee calculations, BTC fees are still expensive. Exodus will always choose the highest fee to deliver transactions as quickly as possible.

IMPROVED: Big 10X reduction in Dash fees! (Reduced from 0.005 DASH/kb to 0.0005 DASH/kb)

IMPROVED: Additional Dash reliability fixes.


NEW: An alert badge now appears on the backup tab if you have not completed the backup process AND you have a collective balance greater than 0.1BTC. We are hopeful this will nudge people in the right direction to backup ASAP.

IMPROVED: Exodus is now more flexible in the restore process with the format of your 12-word phrase. Backup phrases can now be separated by spaces or newlines.

March 17, 2017


NEW: A new skin section has been added featuring crypto personalities. Exodus is proud to welcome the-TMZ-of-crypto, Craig Grant as our first personality skin.

NEW: A hidden feature allows you to toggle the visibility of your password on the login screen by clicking on the Exodus logo.

NEW: You can now restore from your 12-word phrase by clicking a button directly on the password screen.


BUGFIX: Fixed an edge case Dash rescan bug.

NEW: Exchange transaction items ( in the expanded view ) now have a link to view transaction status on ShapeShift.

NEW: You can now import/sweep Ethereum private keys into Exodus from the developer menu.


NEW: Execute multiple exchanges! You can now immediately start a new exchange after your first exchange sends! No more waiting for an exchange to finish before starting a new one!

NEW: The entire exchange process has been streamlined and overhauled for maximum reliability! Exchange errors be gone!

NEW: Live one-click link to watch your exchange in progress directly on the ShapeShift website in real-time!

March 8, 2017


BUGFIX: Much better UTXO optimization with addresses containing large numbers of unspent outputs and prevention of funds getting 'stuck'.

IMPROVED: Dash now has additional network redundancy optimizations.

March 3, 2017


NEW: Two new color themes have been added: introducing Barlow and Equinox.

BUGFIX: Removed advanced asset menus under Exodus > Developer that snuck in from beta builds. Doh!


BUGFIX: Exchanges listed in the wallet no longer report "In progress…" if you quit Exodus in the middle of an exchange.


NEW: Exchange error reporting is now one-click easy.

IMPROVED: Big improvements with Exodus reporting "Assets unavailable for exchange" under heavy network loads.

IMPROVED: A number of additional exchange error reporting fixes behind the scenes.

BUGFIX: Duplicate items were removed from the exchange drop downs. For example, if Bitcoin was selected we did not need to show Bitcoin in the drop-down. Now we have more room for future assets!

February 19, 2017


BUGFIX: The All and Half buttons in the exchange now match the new exchange rate limit increase.

February 17, 2017


BUGFIX: If you received a transaction, then immediately sent this unconfirmed transaction out of Exodus there was a chance (on the next block confirmation) this transaction would be marked as invalid and returned to your wallet balance on your next refresh. This is fixed, no matter when you send, Exodus ensures transactions are correctly forwarded to the network.

IMPROVED: Dash sending and receiving is working after the recent Dash hard fork.

IMPROVED: A few small annoyances with the BTC multiple receive addresses have been fixed.

NEW: You can now import Ethereum private keys.


IMPROVED: Exchange limits have been raised 2 - 3X and in some liquid markets (BTC & ETH) we raised the max 5X. This results in one-click exchange amounts of ~$5,000 USD per exchange!

BUGFIX: Exchange "Min" was working with some but not all assets. We now have 100% coverage.

IMPROVED: Exchanges are now properly marked complete only when the exchanged asset is deposited. Previously exchanges were signaled complete when our exchange partner ShapeShift said so - however the asset would sometimes not be deposited for up to a minute later. We now properly wait until the asset is deposited in your wallet THEN signal the exchange as complete.

IMPROVED: If you quit Exodus while an exchange was in progress, or an exchange failed, this exchange transaction was never logged to your wallet transaction list as an outgoing transaction until your next app launch/refresh/rescan. Exodus now properly logs outgoing exchanges into the corresponding wallet immediately.

IMPROVED: All outgoing exchanges are labeled as "Exchanging for…" in the wallet transaction list until the exchange is complete. They are then updated to "Exchanged for…" to properly account for the outgoing transaction in the event an exchange does not complete. Previously exchanges were not logged until the exchange was complete - this caused confusion tracking down funds when an error happened.

February 3, 2017


NEW: You can now show/hide assets in the settings section. Don't ever use Dogecoin? Not a fan of Litecoin? You can now turn off assets you don't want to see and they disappear in the wallet, portfolio and exchange sections. Fans of minimalism rejoice!


IMPROVED: More robust dynamic bitcoin fee calculations to make sure your Bitcoin transactions are confirmed fast. Recently we have seen the some of the highest levels of Bitcoin network backlogs - we always try to stay one-step ahead to ensure Exodus transactions don't get stuck.

January 20, 2017


BUGFIX: Clicking the "half" button, when you had more than the exchange maximum, resulted in pre-filling the form field with the maximum. The correct behavior is one half of the maximum. Whew that was a lot of fractions... Oh and this is now fixed.

BUGFIX: Sending a bunch of Ethereum exchanges in a row could result in a nonce error. This was a hard one to track down - it is now squashed. Behind the scenes Exodus now watches for this error, if it happens, it automatically refreshes Ethereum to the correct state for a successful exchange. Hurrah!

BUGFIX: When exchanging ETH for any other asset, after the exchange was finished and you looked at the details of the exchange the TXID was missing a 0x at the beginning. This would cause the link to not work when you visited Etherscan. This is now fixed.

IMPROVED: Occasionally ShapeShift will keep an asset online but return exchange maximum limits of 0. This is confusing to new users - if the maximum to exchange is 0 the asset is essentially not working. We now take it amongst ourselves to disable the asset until the asset reports correct values again.


IMPROVED: When clicking the receive button on Bitcoin it now starts with your first Bitcoin address vs. auto-advancing to your next Bitcoin address in the HD path. Although advanced users want to use new Bitcoin addresses every time (and you still can by advancing the arrow to the next address) new users were confused. We received sooooo many emails daily asking "Why did my Bitcoin address change." Although we explained HD addresses and why this is a feature most new users do not understand - rather this scares them and they think it is a bug. We think we now have the best of both worlds... If you are a new user, just continue to use the first Bitcoin address you see every time and you're happy. Otherwise, if you like HD addresses and you want a new address each time, simply click the right arrow button and pick your address. We hope everyone is happy now!

January 15, 2017


BUGFIX: A quick patch fix for Doge mining fees - these were set a touch too low in 1.15.0. Most transactions sent fine however, for safety, we added on a touch extra to ensure everything is sent quickly. Special thanks to Exodus user Stephan Wingert for finding and reporting this!

January 14, 2017


BUGFIX: A quick patch fix to the Ethereum exchange all button. This was temporary broken in the ( 1.16.1 ) build released yesterday. 😬 DOH! Special thanks to Exodus user Kemal Gursoy for the help with this!

January 13, 2017


BUGFIX: Pressing Quit on the password screen (with a password in the form field) would sometimes not cause Exodus to quit. This is now fixed and rock solid. Credit and a big thank you goes out to Exodus user Isaiah Mahmood for finding this!

IMPROVED: A "caps lock key is on" warning message is now displayed on the password screen. Passwords are case sensitive and this helps new users ensure case accuracy. We had a number of support requests from new users that turned out to be a caps lock issue - hopefully this makes life easier for our new blockchain friends!

IMPROVED: When restoring from a 12-word seed there is a subtle note to separate your seed words with one space. Some new users were using carriage returns and receiving errors.

IMPROVED: Window size can now be a bit smaller - this should help users on tiny 11" laptops.

IMPROVED: Scrolling optimizations with window resizing.

IMPROVED: Contextual menus + copy/paste support added to password and 12-word phrase form fields. This is a welcome addition for new users that don't know copy/paste keyboard shortcuts.


IMPROVED: Users no longer have to know about the swap button to switch assets. All assets are now listed on each side of the exchange/receive drop downs to make selecting pairs easy for new users.

IMPROVED: Mining fees are now properly calculated in the available exchange amounts. In the past users were manually typing every bitcoin, down to 8 levels of precision, in bits and the exchange would fail because of necessary mining fees. We now take care of this behind the scenes only allowing the maximum + fees to be displayed and exchanged.


IMPROVED: Fee fixed for miners having hundreds of UTXOs. If you receive payouts in Bitcoin every day and have for months this fix is for you! (Credit and a big thanks goes out to Exodus user François Simard for the help on this one!)

IMPROVED: Faster animation speed when switching assets.


IMPROVED: When creating your backup, form fields now receive focus immediately on screen changes. Before users had to manually set focus - doh, we hate that too!

January 4, 2017


BUGFIX: The "can-not-connect-to-network banner" should no longer appear unless you really have network problems.

BUGFIX: A few users were reporting login windows never going away. As much as we are proud of the login window it now disappears for all users after a successful login.


BUGFIX: Sending Ethereum by inputting a USD amount was sending ~10x less than expected. This edge case only happened in the ETH wallet AND if you switched to sending in USD vs. sending in native ETH. This now sends the correct amount all the time.


BUGFIX: "Reset Email and Password" button in the backup section now works again.

December 30, 2016


NEW: Our new fast-launch password screen gives additional options and lets users visit the Exodus knowledge base.

IMPROVED: Reduced application size even further. Exodus is getting fit in our old age.

IMPROVED: Startup time now 4X faster. 🚀

IMPROVED: Additional network speed, animations + wallet performance enhancements throughout the entire application.

IMPROVED: Overall improvements to the network P2P connection handling.

IMPROVED: Added a button in the network error banner to direct users on secure networks to more info about P2P connections and firewall restrictions.


NEW: Bitcoin fees now adjust as the network gets congested. This helps ensure transactions are processed quickly even when the Bitcoin network is busy!

NEW: Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin now calculate fees from unspent inputs. Before we had static fees on these networks. Cheers all around for saving micropennies!


BUGFIX: Added a cancel button for password reset. Curious button pushers no longer have to commit to a password reset.

December 16, 2016


IMPROVED: Small startup speed improvements.

IMPROVED: Reduced application size by ~10%. Old cat photos begone!


NEW: Multiple receive addresses are here for Bitcoin. Use different addresses to your heart's content. 🔑 ❤️

NEW: Added button in the receive modal to view addresses on block explorer. One-click-greatness for data junkies that love block explorer details.

NEW: Incoming transactions now show what address they were sent to. Ingenious!

December 9, 2016


NEW: Update notifications are here! If you have not launched Exodus for a bit, and it has been a few weeks since a new release, you are reminded to upgrade to the latest version. More cowbell here - come and get it!


IMPROVED: Our QR code reader can now read IBAN addresses. If you had trouble reading more advanced QR codes it wasn't that your camera was dirty this was most likely the reason. This update does fancy stuff behind the curtain so you can scan happy.


BUGFIX: Clicking "Half" on Ethereum exchanges now properly calculates the amount. Half-baked now fully functional.

BUGFIX: Beginning an exchange by typing a receiving value on the right properly works. Before it was, well... we don't want to talk about it.

BUGFIX: Balances in the exchange now calculate network fees properly. We don't think you noticed but we fixed it anyway.

IMPROVED: After typing in an amount, if you change the counter asset, the amount that last had focus stays fixed. Previously values were reset when selecting different asset pairs - this was annoying and ended up causing users to reset exchanges and add bunches of extra typing. This is also the longest way we could possibly say the exchange now works like it should.

IMPROVED: Speed improvements when calculating market pricing. Yep, bonus points.

December 2, 2016


NEW: We updated the design of this here release page - fancy huh?

IMPROVED: The verbiage on the restore from backup modal is now clear.

IMPROVED: Pressing the escape key on the password dialog no longer closes it.


IMPROVED: Scrollbars now have depth. They also disappear when not needed.


NEW: The transaction list view has been overhauled into columns making it easier to scan transactions by date or amount.

NEW: Transaction details now show the values in fiat at the time of the transaction plus the current value. This is handy to see what that Bitcoin you received 6 months ago is worth today!

IMPROVED: Dash transaction fees are adjusted - we had this set way too low. This should help for transaction speed and for users with Dash mining contracts paid daily.

IMPROVED: Thicker transaction scrollbar grab area to quickly scroll through hundreds of transactions.

BUGFIX: Fixed more edge-case transaction history bugs. If you had any transactions not showing up after a refresh, time to buy JP a beer, this fix is for you!


NEW: One click exchange all has been added.

NEW: Exchange half and exchange min has also been added. These behave similar to exchange all except they exchange half your chosen asset or the minimum amount necessary. Half is great for rebalancing a portfolio of assets. Min is great for exchange testing.

BUGFIX: Errors on exchanges now give solutions and direct links to support documents. Previously it just said "Error" - a little piece of us died inside for this crappy UX.


NEW: Link to one-click restore from the welcome screen. Previously this was only accessible in the developer menu by using console commands. Blah, no more.

NEW: Reset your email and password button. Previously this was only accessible by reading a long support document and doing fancy developer stuff. Poof, begone.

IMPROVED: The backup subtitle now shows when your backup was last updated.


NEW: Users can now easily export xpub keys from the developer menu.

November 18, 2016


Windows installer has been optimized down to HALF the size + no more unzipping and installs with 1 click. Much faster downloads for our friends with slow internet connections.

Exodus now warns you if you lose connection to P2P networks. This is also helpful for users behind firewalls to realize they are not connected.


Additional safeguards are now in place to watch for incoming transactions. This = less manual refreshing to find your payments.

Exodus now directly connects to the Ethereum P2P network! Previously we used a 3rd party service to (Etherscan) to tell us if you have more ETH... we are no longer codependent and get updates directly from the ETH network.

ETH send/exchange all is now fixed! You can now send/exchange all your Ethereum in one click.

ETH addresses are now validated before sending. This seems to have been silently broken the last few builds. No more.

Fixed a rare edge case ETH sent transactions not showing in the transaction log when refreshing Ethereum.

Fee adjustments for ETH transaction now happen in real-time based on if you are sending to a regular or contract address. An automatic big help for token sales!

Optimized a scrolling performance for wallets with lotsa-lotsa transactions.

Refreshing Litecoin and Dogecoin wallets with over 100+ transactions now works as expected. (All other assets previously worked with 100+ TX)

Litecoin transactions sent to Exodus when closed now show up without a manual refresh.


Developer menu has been cleaned up and organized into proper categories.

Can now export a full Bitcoin spreadsheet of your transactions from the developer menu.

All address spreadsheet exports now have running balances.

Under the developer menu you can export your data directory or wallet directory to a zip file. ( Developer > Data Folder > Export… )This saves people on windows having to turn on hidden files.

Removed the refresh state items from the developer menu. Clicking the asset logo now handles this.

November 6, 2016


Rescanning Dogecoin has been fixed. How broken!? Much moula! So fixed!

Rescanning Litecoin has been fixed. (Insert some catchy things Litecoin people say here)

November 4, 2016


A bunch of CSS drawing optimizations have been had. This is just a start. We have a lot more room to optimize to get this baby lean and mean.

Crossfade logos when switching wallets. This used to be in here - somehow it got taken out. Who could have done that!?


Exodus now does a few double checks to ensure wallet files (behind the scenes in the OS) are tidy and closed properly. A small but BIGGIE for more peaceful nights sleep.

Bitcoin, Doge, Dash and Litecoin addresses are now larger than Ethereum addresses in the send form field. Don't feel bad Ethereum it's just your addresses are sooooooooooo long you need a bit more whitespace to breath.


That center line in the exchange was being crazy again on PCs at the smallest window size (although it was fine on the Mac) - We can't stand when pixels act up so have prayed to the Windows gods and now have it straight again. For good!

November 2, 2016


Fixed a small display error in the Exchange section where the center line would not draw straight. No more. We have officially whipped it into shape.

Small PC font weight changes. We got some new testing PCs in the Exodus office. We will continue to make Exodus shine on with the Windows gods.

New users could not change themes. This behavior worked just fine for users who upgraded. Sorry new users, all theme goodies are now ready for you!


Fixed an edge case UTXO rescan bug.

October 28, 2016


Exodus balances were always updated and corrected on a refresh. However, if there was a network glitch, or you were behind a firewall, a transaction line item could turn up missing. Now on refreshing assets Exodus will populate the transaction history list from the blockchain in addition to updating asset balances. Many users have been waiting for this one. Thanks for all the reports to help us get this fixed!

Switched to using etherscan from etherchain for block explorer links. Etherscan seems to not give as many red frightening error messages on missing transactions and has greater tracking details.

If your wallet file was damaged (usually by force quitting Exodus, or an application crash, or you spilled your drink on your PC because ZCash trading has gone bananas) we now assure you your assets are still safe and have an overall better explanation on the error message. Before this message was just plain scary - sorry for the Halloween fright.


Upgraded to Electron v1.4.4 - If you know what this smarty-pants-javascript-stuff means take a look at our job description and Get in touch!

October 22, 2016


Hotfix for rescan not working on 1.8.0. A big thank you goes out to user @lithstud in the Exodus Slack for letting us know!

October 21, 2016


We’ve removed offline checking because some users reported issues. Previously we were checking root DNS servers for connectivity. We had a number of users say this was causing problems - this has been disabled completely until we can get it right.

Mac users can now minimize Exodus with the keyboard shortcut Command + m.

Minor direction updates in the backup section for improved layout.


Fixed a layout UI issue where if a user typed in a lot of characters into the exchange form fields it would cause the layout to go wacky. Shame on you testers for typing so many characters! haha :p


Upgraded to babel@6.17.0. This Babel release enables AsyncGenerators again. If you know what this mumbo-jumbo means take a look at our job description and Get in touch!

October 14, 2016


Exodus now properly checks to see if you are online. If the computer is offline we display a warning banner. A subtle feature to ensure Exodus is connected to all networks and maintains up-to-date pricing on all assets. In the past this notification was only shown when the network was off. We now actively monitor the network connection for reliability and notify the user if needed. This was important for us to add ( in the event a market spiked parabolic ) as we didn't want users sending USD converted payments with out-of-date pricing.

Added more action buttons to the help section. One to open the Exodus knowledge base / FAQ and one to ring our office phone.

Bumped the minimum window height ~30 pixels to 700 pixels. This was put in place to accommodate the new description/memo feature below. We think we are still okay on this as even the tiny 11" MacBook air has a resolution of 1440x768.


In a few instances the portfolio chart was drawn incorrectly and not properly closed - it looked like a donut with a small bite taken out. We now have properly-connected-portfolio-donut-power for everyone! Thanks to Shayne Shiells for this bug report!


We cut the Dogecoin fee in half from 10 Doge to 5 Doge. We realize this is still high compared to the typical 1 Doge needed. This is on purpose, Dogecoin is so cheep fractionally it doesn't matter and we like to support the Dogecoin network.

Some of you have reported not receiving your Dash until restarting Exodus. This should be fixed now.

Users can no longer send dust transactions. Swept under the rug. Poof. Gone. This was causing havoc with UTXOs and all this advanced mumbo-jumbo.

Exodus now supports adding a description/memo when sending a transaction. There is no way yet to edit these descriptions after the fact so this feature is only available in debug mode. You can turn on debug mode from the Developer menu. Once we decide how to edit this field and test this in debug mode we may bring this into production; we just are not sure yet.

All descriptions/memos are automatically saved as a part of your real-time Exodus backup. This behind-the-scenes update allows Exodus users to store metadata in addition to blockchain data. The idea is you can personalize and build up account data over time - this even includes all exchanges and positions. Of course, all restored with one-click from backup!

Fixed uneven spacing when expanding send vs. receive transactions. Before they were both expanded to the same size. When you send you have more info listed than when you receive. No one probably noticed this except for Daniel. But it bugged him to no end. This is now fixed and we are considering ourselves one more step to pixel perfect.


Removed some old legacy code that may have been causing crashes during an exchange.

If an asset is unavailable Exodus bumps the drop-down selection to the next available. We had some problems with default assets not being available for exchange but they were selected when first opening the exchange section. This was causing exchange errors. Were looking at you Ethereum!


Ethereum private keys can now be exported via the "Developer" menu. Auger Rep fans rejoice!


Added React DevTools - Take a look at our job description and Get in touch if you love JS + React and want to contribute!

September 30, 2016


Fixed bug that occasionally would prevent ETH balances from loading.

Fixed bug that would allow Exodus to run multiple times.

Prevent networking/P2P process from getting throttled.

Exodus downloads are now served over the Azure CDN. There shouldn't be anymore slowdowns. Also, welcome China! (你好中国) :)


Implemented recovering wallet from 12-word mnemonic seed phrase in the Developer menu.

Implemented recovering wallet from the recovery link in the Developer menu.


Renamed "Debug" menu to "Developer".

Show Developer menu in main window on Ubuntu.

September 23, 2016


Improved performance.

Blockchain can be rescanned by clicking the coin logo instead of going to the pesky debug menu.


Restore fixed on Linux. Must use the Exodus Linux installer. This can be found on the Exodus Github.


Debug mode can now be toggled on/off from the debug menu.

Linux installer created. Grab it on the Exodus Github.

Exodus.exe now digitally signed for Windows. Before, the installer was only signed.

September 9, 2016


Fixed a minor spelling error on the debug menu.


Linux users were reporting trouble with the one-click restore link. Although we have not fixed this yet, we now have a CLI workaround here to restore your blockchain assets on Linux. Restore still works fine on Windows and Mac. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance with the Linux CLI process.


Renamed the debug item "Import Private Key" to "Move Funds". This command creates a transaction to move (sometimes called sweep) funds into your Exodus wallet. This advanced command ensures all funds imported from private keys work with the one-click automated backup system.

September 2, 2016


Bitcoin fee is now calculated per KB for TX size. This should lower fees for simple transactions. Also, this will help users who had a lot of small transactions (like mining payouts) then tried to send one big transaction. (#208)

We now prevent dust outputs for Bitcoin only. (#390)

Simplified UTXO selection algorithm, fixes an edge case bug.

August 26, 2016


Bug fix: pesky error box that popped up on startup now fixed for Linux. (#364)

macOS and windows now officially signed.

August 12, 2016


Advanced users can now import private keys. A debug menu has been added to import private keys for Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin using "Debug > Coins > CoinName > Addresses > Import…"

Advanced users can now export addresses and private keys for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash using "Debug > Coins > CoinName > Addresses > Export…"

Changed "Debug > Coin" debug menu from "Reset" to "Refresh". (#363)


Dash transactions should now log with better consistency. Exodus now uses a new, shiny Dash official API as the default.


The word "Available:" was removed from Exchange value balance in the drop-down menu. This fixed a weird alignment bug when balances went past width of account selector. Typically seen with Ethereum 18 digit craziness.


Fixed backup reporting "Invalid date" after a restore. This was an edge case bug and was strictly UI related - the backup was just fine.

July 29, 2016


The Dash "Masternode" theme has been added. Congratulations @whitewhale from the public Dash channel on his award winning design. You can find @whitewhale and the friendliest Slack crew around at


Old Ethereum transactions that Exodus missed now show up to the party.

All Ethereum transaction are now double-checked and logged correctly. Thanks to @citadella for all the ETH reports, we couldn't have fixed this without you!

The mysterious Ethereum ghost "phantom jingle" has been fixed. Again, credit to @citadella for naming this bug and showing us exactly where to look.

Multiple ETH transactions sent in a short-period of time are now picked up. JP killed this bug hard - it didn’t stand a chance.

1.0.0:Beta 5
July 28, 2016


Added join Slack button in help.

Added time in backup status.


Restricted input to numbers, commas, and decimal points on send modal.


Changed dim gray color on USD amounts in exchange. Before it was pointed out to us that these values look disabled. Ideally we want to change opacity on focus vs. no focus but this is a temporary fix until then.

1.0.0:Beta 4
July 23, 2016


Fixed: Amount available was showing negative values if a user had 0 assets. Credit Shayne Shiells for this bug report.

1.0.0:Beta 3
July 22, 2016


Scrollbars haven been fixed in the Wallet, Settings, and Help section across all platforms. Thanks to @citadella in our Exodus public Slack for his thoughtful testing and feedback.

The Settings > Skins section has been updated to give it a cleaner look. We will be finalizing and removing skins not used in the final 1.0 release.

Exodus now has a fancy installer on Windows. We still have a bit of polish to do here but this is WAY better than unzipping buckets of files in a folder.

Exodus now also has a spiffy disk image installer on Mac.


Additional wallet security has been added to old wallets migrating to our new, secure, password-protected wallet structure. (#355)


The backup screen now properly center aligns on large monitors. (#353)

1.0.0:Beta 1
July 15, 2016


A new theme called "Aurora SS" has been added - it has become our new favorite. Fun fact: this theme was named in honor of Shayne Shiells for all his independent Exodus testing and feedback.


After a successful exchange, Exodus resets all amounts back to 0. This makes a new exchange look fresh and reduces the dreaded "Not Enough Funds" message. (#344)

Available amounts in exchange drop-down menus no longer count up/down when inputting exchange amounts. (#342)

Receive amount available no longer resets to 0 when a price feed is checked. Thanks to Shayne Shiells for finding this! (#336)

The exchange now properly lists totals in USD for each asset. Credit due to this clever idea by Shayne Shiells. (#337)

When exchanging assets for Dash, the Dash did not show up in Exodus with 'cha-ching' until Exodus was restarted. Exodus always had the funds it just was shy about telling you. (#345)


Prefill all button works again on every asset. (#335)


New security features allows you to set a password to protect your 12 word restore phrase. This is accessed by clicking the backup tab on the main nav bar.

Security fans rejoice, the Exodus wallet is now fully encrypted!


Exodus now has a complete backup system that auto-magically encrypts and backups your complete Exodus experience. Part of the magic of the backup system is that your private keys are not stored on any server. Clicking on backup first prompts you to set a password, print your seed value, then gives you a status screen with the last Exodus backup. This is a big one folks! Note: You must have funds deposited in Exodus for the backup process to be displayed.


A complete help section has been added with FAQs and our smiling pictures.

July 1, 2016


Clicking the main navigation balance now toggles between USD and BTC. (#55)

Scrollbars have been fixed and properly handled in the help and settings section on Linux. (#289)

Optimized Exodus startup times. (#297)

Contextual menus have been added on form fields. (#317)


A debug menu has been added to restore the entire coin state for each asset. (#323)


Fixed a rare edge case in the exchange progress to link to an undefined deposit address (#246)

Exchange error messages are now properly labeled as "not enough funds".


Fixed a rare edge case in the exchange progress to link to an undefined deposit address (#246)

Bitcoin mining fees now respect the base unit displayed. (#321)

Fixed redundancy for Dash current state. (#323)

Fixed negative amounts showing when you tried to send all with 0 balance. (#333)

June 17, 2016


If Exodus can not establish a reliable network connection a red notification banner appears telling you the network is offline.


Added a debug menu to reset your recent state for BTC, LTC, DOGE and DASH. If your balance is not showing the correct amount this menu will fix most problems. Note: This is extra, extra precaution, most users will never need to use this menu. To use this menu: On Mac is it under the Exodus menu. On Linux, it is under the window Exodus menu. On Windows you can access it by using the hotkey Control+Shift+D

Upcoming Features

The next build of Exodus will have a security and backup feature in place to protect your blockchain assets. This is a big, low-level change and brings security properly into Exodus. Look for this in the July 1, 2016 build.

June 8, 2016


Added second redundancy backup for DASH API. Even if services go down we find a way to deliver that DASH! ( #311 )

Exodus now relays transactions directly via P2P on BTC, LTC, DOGE and DASH. ETH we see you and we are coming for you next. ( #170 )

Exodus now has proper UTXO selection with optimizations made for unlinkability and transaction size reductions. Off-the-grid hippies rejoice! ( #17 )

June 3, 2016

Developer Geek Stuff

Upgraded to Electron 1.1.1

May 20, 2016


The sidebar balance now counts up from $0.00 to your current balance when Exodus is launched.

Transaction details now display a + sign when hovering to show they can be expanded.

Exodus now supports sending to most Ethereum contracts. Although if you are buying DAO tokens we still recommend using Mist since Exodus does not yet watch for DAO tokens.


Many minor changes and optimizations throughout all themes.

Developer Geek Stuff

Upgraded to Electron 1.0

May 6, 2016


Updated: The theme section has been redesigned and updated with more themes. Any Matrix fans out there?

Developer Geek Stuff

We have added a hidden debug menu. On Mac is it under the Exodus menu. On Linux, it is under the window Exodus menu. On Windows you can access it by using the hotkey Control+Shift+D.

For you hard-core Exodus fans, this release was light on the new features because we are hard at work perfecting our seamless, secure backup solution. We are hoping to share this with you soon in the next few releases.

April 26, 2016


Fixed: Sending to a Multisig address now works. This was just embarrassing. Thanks to everyone testing Exodus, we owe you millions - or at least a coffee if we are in your city.

April 25, 2016


Fixed: The exchange section has been enabled. ShapeShift is now back online!


Added: A ShapeShift theme has been added. Hurray for the blue fox!

April 22, 2016


Changed: Exodus has changed from HD addresses to only use one receive address per asset. Previously we rotated receiving addresses when funds were sent out. Although this is good from a privacy perspective this was confusing users who requested static addresses to keep things simple. (#5)


Improved: If ShapeShift is down we now disable the exchange section and direct the user to for more info.

Fixed: If ShapeShift has a coin/asset offline Exodus now dims the asset and tells the user it is unavailable for trading. (#204)


Fixed: The Exodus icon on windows now displays correctly. (#267)

Fixed: The debug log and network sections have been removed from production builds. (#270)

Developer Geek Stuff

We are now upgraded to the latest-and-greatest React v15. (#266)

April 8, 2016


Fixed: Long Ethereum amounts were causing the portfolio to cascade off the edge of the screen. We put a stop to this. (#255)


Added: Dash is here! A big thank you to the entire Dash dev team for all the help! Dash blue never looked so good. (#141)


Fixed: We changed a few settings to speed up the loading of ShapeShift market data. Loading screens be gone!

Fixed: If Exodus was closed before an exchange was finished we didn't check the status of that unfinished exchange the next time you started up. This was our mistake - we now check, check and check again. (#254)

Developer Geek Stuff

Added: Our secure data container/backup system is now in test mode.


Changed: The minimum window view is now set to 980 x 640. This should allow even smaller laptops running 1024x768 to enjoy Exodus at tiny sizes.

Fixed: We optimized our overall download size to save bits and bytes for more important cat photos. (#224)

Fixed: We fixed a pesky windows build problem. Windows users now are up-to-date with all the latest fixes. (#251)

March 25, 2016


Our default unit for bitcoin is now BTC vs. bits. Users seem to prefer the old-school style. We will soon have a way to change this via user preference for you bits lovers. (#227)

Spacing adjustments to account for longer Ethereum addresses and 18 levels of decimal satisfaction. Vitalik, you crazy with all this precision man. (#234 & #235 & #236)


New exchange pairs now default to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sorry Litecoin, it's all about the volume baby. (#230)

If ShapeShift services can not be reached the exchange window shows a spiffy error message. (#232)

If an error happens on an exchange we now let the user start again without restarting the application. Excuse us for our big doh! moment here. (#225)

Developer Geek Stuff

The foundation for our future backup system has been laid in this build. Nothing for the end-user to see yet - however, in the next few builds you will start to see security + backup become an area of focus.

Coins received from an exchange are now on their own BIP44 chain.


We are visiting the Factom offices today in Austin, TX. Insert rumor speculation here.

March 11, 2016


Thanks to Vitalik, we now have a clever Ethereum address checksum. With Ether values skyrocketing this will double check Ethereum addresses before sending into no-mans-land. ( #163 )

Small fixes to readability on exchange transactions in the wallet. ( #203 )

The green color (used for fiat money or USD) in the wallet section has been changed to white. This gives visual priority to assets vs. counter-values.

If an address contains whitespace, we now trim it. Before we tossed up an error and made you search for whitespace yourself - shame on us. ( #215 )

When switching currency units (from bits, to BTC to USD) we had a rounding error. This is no longer the case. ( #167 )

While an exchange is sending, we temporally disable the ability to send from the wallet for a few seconds. It is rare anyone would experience this, however this is a small safety net to ensure two transactions are not signing simultaneously. ( #136 )


The exchange section displayed a ShapeShift limit error right away. Exodus was checking input amounts too fast. We now patiently wait for user input before showing this error. ( #195 )

Error messages were written in cryptic computer mumbo-jumbo. They now read like normal humans talk. ( #195 )

We found a bug showing negative numbers in select fields. No more. ( #181 )

Navigating away from the exchange window, while an exchange was in progress, caused Exodus to show the incorrect receiving coin graphic. This is no longer a problem. ( #134 )


Themes are now remembered when you close Exodus. Deep space theme fans rejoice! ( #105 )

Groundwork has been put in place for big user configuration changes. Settings are just the start, more soon...

February 26, 2016


Double tapping on mouse or trackpad no longer zooms Exodus view window. (#148)

We now have extra, extra redundancy for price lookups. This ensures Exodus has current market prices, even if a service gets snarky and decides not to talk back. (#80)

When Exodus fails to connect to all market price APIs, balances are calculated from the last cached market update. This fixes an issue where balances show zero, zilch, nada when market data was not available. (#21)


Exchanges are now logged. For example, if you exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, there is now a record in both Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. We always wanted to add this - it really helps to keep track of exchanges. We hope you enjoy it! (#60 & #122)

Wallet transactions that were results of an exchange, are now logged with a exchange icon. Hurray for consistency! (#54)

When sending Ethereum, the remaining balance in lower left of the send modal dialog was misbehaving. It was scolded and now behaves as expected. (#154)

When trying to send more funds than you have, Exodus shows "Not Enough Funds" in the live balance remaining. This is only a limit for normal people - we have heard the US Federal Reserve has a way around this issue. (#193)

Trying to send to an address with an invalid checksum turns the address box red and disables the send button. (#158)

Trying to send zero disables the send button. Before we actually let people try to send nothing. This did nothing. Well, actually it did something that caused an error. (#109)

When typing in an amount to send, then cycling through bits, BTC, USD, the send button is disabled if the switched to unit is not enough. For example typing 1000 bits then changing to 1000 BTC will disable the button... unless you're a baller and actually have 1000 BTC.(#154)


Step 2 (in the exchanging process) has been rebranded to ShapeShift. Exodus sits on top of ShapeShift - and we love it. We are thankful for ShapeShift and wanted to show our gratitude by using their cool fox while waiting for coins to exchange.

All ShapeShift exchanges are now timed and logged. If you want to see the duration you can view the exchange time by visiting the wallet of the receiving coin once the exchange is complete. (#60)


We made a very quick 2 minute overview movie of Exodus. Check it out at

We launched our new website. Check it out at

Bla Bla Bla...

Daniel and JP will be at the Satoshi Roundtable Feb. 26 - 29, 2016. It may take us a while longer to respond since we will be trying to take selfies with Gavin.

Fixed run.js on linux. I've been told future developers creeping around the source code will like this. (#176)

February 16, 2016


Sending funds to Exodus, when the application was closed, never showed up. The funds were there we just never showed them. This is no longer the case.

February 15, 2016


Ethereum gets a rightful place in the donut. Sorry ETH for leaving you out of the party.

We are embarrassed to say Ethereum always reported 0%. No more. Ethereum now displays the correct percentage.

February 12, 2016


Added: Ethereum is here. (.. mic drop ..) You can now skip the rest of the release notes.


Fixed: Sharing addresses via email are formatted properly. Before we were missing spaces and, frankly, it looked awful. ( #106 )

Improved: Wallet modals now animate in. Yes, I know, we’re fans of subtle animation everywhere.

Added: Oh yea, Ethereum support! You're still reading these!? Ahhh, just stop and go launch your new Ethereum wallet already.


Improved: There's a nice, new Exodus logo. We updated the navigation and system icon on all three platforms to be consistent. If you are like us and have multiple computers Exodus looks the same. Finally. ( #159 )

And More…

Improved: Adjusted the default theme (Origin) to a very subtle gradient. Also added a few new themes for you wild pattern people out there.

Improved: Minor color changes and spacing in the navigation. Our designers always seem bothered at any pixels out of place. (#127)

January 29, 2016


Awkward notification delays, like when an exchange completed then the money hit your wallet 10 to 15 seconds later, are now a thing of the past. This bug was kinda like the feeling of having an awkward conversation - we're soooo glad it's over. (#120)


Exodus now connects directly to P2P networks to watch for transactions. Basically a fancy way of saying you hear incoming deposits "cha-ching" in seconds! (#137)

The coin list has been redesigned with shiny new animations. We made it more WOW for Doge fans. (#143)

Sent transactions are now marked with a paper plane icon. (#54)

Green text, in transaction details, no longer flickers when you mouse over the main navigation items. This one was a doozie. (#145)

Platform Specific

We now have a Linux build. All hard-core-crypto users can join the party and use Exodus too. (#130)

And More…

Exodus no longer limits the window size to 1600x1440. We realize people love huge screens and we (now) support that. Sorry for raining on your full-screen-pixel mojo. (#133)

The main navigation element has been given some new transparency options. This sets up some awesome blending modes for future themes. (#146)

Exodus now supports two new theme categories; patterns and experimental. Doge fans look in settings > themes for a experimental Doge Theme! Special note: Thank you to Reddit user intisun for permission to use his Doge artwork. Reddit artist profile. (#146)

We now pin system level sections (currently settings and help) to the bottom of the navigation bar. (#147)

Changed a few navigation elements from all CAPS to Uppercase. Some awesome testers told us this hurts the eyes - we agreed. (#146)

Fixed annoying, inconsistent hover and cursor states on the main navigation. (#146)

Minor UI tweaks and SASS code refactors most people won't notice except our crazy designers. (#127)

January 14, 2016


Plays subtle sounds during each step. (#75, #85)

Fixed total receiving units. (#57)

Fixed confirmation rounding. (#80)

Fixed green clashing color. (#78)

Fixed spread calculation. (#103)

Values no longer turn negative when switching between coins. (#76)

Transaction send errors now display. (#82)

Coin colors are now consistent throughout the exchange process. (#119)

Coin units are now consistent throughout the exchange process. (currently using bits) (#116)

When an exchange is complete the user is notified in the description as well as the step-by-step graphic. (#118, #91)

Text input, over 8 decimal places, is rounded to proper values. (#97)


Wallets with no transactions now display "No Transactions Found". (#121)

Spacing adjusted for large amounts. (> 1 million units + 8 decimal places) (#115, #110)

Fixed open/close transaction detail state. (#84, #92)

A maximum of 8 decimal places are shown. (#107)

And More…

Moved detailed release notes to (#102, #95)

Moved themes into settings. (#99)

UI spacing and presentation adjustments. (#93, #92, #90, #88, #86, #78, #100)

December 31, 2015

New welcome section is displayed when Exodus contains no funds.

Removed non-working advanced tabs in Send and Receive. (They will come back in future updates)

Minor animation and design fixes through out wallet interface.

Added a lab section - currently contains themes to customize Exodus.

Exchange icon on left sidebar has been updated.

Incoming transactions are now logged when app is closed.

Incoming transactions now show transaction IDs.

December 18, 2015

Completely overhauled exchange section.

View individual wallet balances when exchanging.

Error messages are shown when exchange values are out of range or a wallet holds an insufficient balance.

Exchange between local currency values (USD) or native coin units (BTC/LTC/DOGE).

Window height now supports up to 1440px. Cinema displays rejoice!

December 9, 2015

Live pie chart allocation between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Click to toggle between USD/BTC/LTC/DOGE etc.

Exodus is responsive and will expand up from 900 x 640 to 1600 x 768. Tested on tiny 11-inch MacBook Airs and 27-inch iMacs.

All graphics are Retina ready (@2x) designed for high-res screens.

Sending and receiving Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dogecoin supported.

Email or print or copy Exodus account addresses.

Exchange coins in-app, in one click, using ShapeShift.

Sounds are sprinkled in (when sending/receiving) - eventually, we will have a full sound set users can turn on/off.

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