Control Your Future Wealth

All-in-one app to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets.

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Exodus is the first desktop multi-asset wallet with ShapeShift built in.

Exodus Portfolio


Live charts turn your diversified portfolio into a bottom line.

Exodus Exchange


A seamless, one click, ShapeShift experience.

Control Your Keys

Exodus encrypts private keys and transaction data locally for your eyes only - no accounts, no servers, no data sharing.

Beautiful Live Charts

Track the value of your blockchain asset portfolio, in real time, as market conditions change.

Personalized For You

Like darker themes? How about a subtle space background? Exodus prebuilt themes start with traditional gray or go wild with Dogecoin inspired fun.

Crafted with by Daniel and JP.

Exodus has been in development since late 2015 from two guys with a passion for blockchain assets.

JP Richardson

Chief Technical Officer

Coding the technical magic behind the scenes, JP has published 194 open source libraries and has written code in use by most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency software on the web.

Daniel Castagnoli

Chief Creative Officer

From subtle sounds to smooth animations Daniel creates a trusted, warm feeling when using Exodus. He is a master of emotional design and has designed experiences for Apple, BMW, Disney, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

We Made Crypto Beautiful

Exodus wraps solid engineering inside beautiful design. We poured our hearts into every detail, from pixel-perfect icons to subtle sounds, making a blockchain asset experience that "just works for normal people". Our goal: Remove the geek requirement to use cryptocurrency and make design a priority - we think it shows.

  • Friendly, One-Click Exchange

    Exodus is designed for people who have never used an exchange. Ready to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum? Exodus hides the complex details; in seconds, assets are exchanged behind the scenes.

  • Love Your Blockchain Assets

    Exodus makes it fun and easy to learn and use blockchain assets. No technical talk. No messy wallets. No confusing steps.

  • Call Or Email For Help

    We know problems are frustrating. Exodus provides phone or email help to get problems resolved quickly.

    Support Site:
    Phone: 402-500-0805

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The Problem With Blockchain Assets

Blockchain assets (also called digital currency or cryptocurrency) are a young, fragmented new frontier. New people buy bitcoin and miss out on exciting, new opportunities. Diversifying means learning about keys, seeds, wallets, blockchains, mining fees, cold storage, and more.

Not only do you give up control of your identity, privacy and money; everything quickly turns overwhelming with too much to learn.

Exodus was created to shift power back to you to control your assets - with no banks, no brokers or institutional oversight.

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Exodus gives blockchain asset investors a platform to secure, exchange and manage wealth inside one beautiful application.

Exodus currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Augur, Golem and Dogecoin.

Exodus is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.